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Chill out lounge : Track-list 2016 - 2018, best

If you need music to relax or meditate, after being tired of working, a list of song titles below will really help you. Chill out lounge: Track-list 2016 - 2018, best.  Downtempo

Songs with a very soft touch of a voice will certainly spoil your ears. Even your soul. Please listen to the song on Youtube, based on the reference of this list or you can buy at online store, like beatport. There are 2 versions, namely original and remix.

Chill out lounge: Track-list 2016 - 2018, best. Vocal and no vocal

Chill out lounge: Track-list 2016 - 2018, best

1. Adjazzo - Close Your Eyes [PhonkworX
2. Aeon Waves - Believe (Chapter Two) (Original Mix)
3. Aeon Waves - Dancing on a Silent Note (Original Mix)
4. Aeon Waves - The Last Siren Before the Extinction (Original Mix)
5. Agent K, Bella, Morgan Lee - When The Sun Dies (Original Mix) [Digital
6. Agent K, Samantha Hayens - Stepping Off (Original Mix) [Digital
7. Agent K, Seth Vogt - You Will Find - Part 1 (Original Mix) [Digital
8. Amy Kirkpatrick, Alex Leavon - Where Love Wins (Manchild Extended Remix)
9. Askery, Ellis, Bishop - With You (Extended Mix)
10. Bakermat - Ballade (Original Mix) [Dirty Soul Music (Be Yourself Music)]
12.Bernd Filz - Rain on Friday (Original Mix) [Club Femme Music]
13.Beverly Hills - Sunny Girl (Original Mix) [SoHo Beats Recordings]
14.Blank & Jones - April (Milchbar Mix) [Soundcolours]
15.Blank & Jones - Blue Pacific (Troels Hammer Remix)
16.Borneland - Eyes (Extended Version) [Soundcolours]
17.Brass_Double Fab - Shadow of Dreams [Lounge Colour
18.Cassara - Seaside [Soundcolours]
19.Dakota Sixx - Lost Ya (Original Mix)
20.DaSoul, Sabrina Chyld, K-Lab - Lunar (K-Lab Original Mix) [K&D Lab]

21.Delectatio  -  With You (Original Mix)  [Silk Music]
22.Deradoorian - Love Arise (Original Mix) [Anticon]
23.Deradoorian - Return-Transcend (Original Mix) [Anticon]
24.Dinka - Scarlet (Chillout Reprise) [Enormous Chills]
25.Dinka - Smile When Youre Hurt The Most (Original Mix)
26.Dinka - Wuthering Heights (Tribute To Enigma Mix)
27.DJ Sonic - Missing You (Original Mix) [Gentle Soul
28.DJ Sponch - I'm Going Home (Original Mix)
29.DJ Sponch - The Way She Looks At Me (feat Ntombi) (Original Mix)
30.DJ Sponch - You Played With My Heart (feat Ntombi) (Original Mix)
31.Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland -  Run Away (KIDD Corp 'ChillOut' Mix)
32.Ellis, Bishop, Askery - With You (Extended Mix)
33.Emad Ebeat - Edith (Seathic Remix) [Midnight Aurora]
34.Enrico Donner - The Place [Lounge Masters]
35.Etasonic, Laucco - The Heavens Breath (Sentimental Mix)
36.Frank Latanika - Transmit (Original Mix) [Etznab]
37.Gorm Sorensen - Opening Leaves (Original Mix) [Silk Music]
38.Gorm Sorensen - Opening Leaves (Orion & J.Shore Remix) [Silk Music]
39.Inner Square - Summer Structure (Original Mix [Thunderlab]
40.Jenia Noble - Bridges of Love (New Version 2016)

41.Jenia Noble - Closed Eyes (Original Mix)
42.Jenia Noble - Inevitability (Original Mix)
43.Jenia Noble - Memories (Original Mix)
44.Jenia Noble - My Salvation (Original Mix)
45.Jenia Noble - Revelation (Original Mix)
46.Joachim Pastor - The Same (Original Mix)
47.Jylland - Losing Sleep (Blank & Jones Remix) [Soundcolours]
48.Landside - Still There (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
49.Lazylife  - All Night  [Downshift]
50.Lazylife  - Unwind  [Downshift]
51.Lea Rue - Sleep! (Extended) [Smash The House]
52.Living Room - Our Planet (Original Mix) [Karma Of Life]
53.Lukas Termena - The Trip (Original Mix) [Termena Music]
54.Marc Hartman - French Melody (Original Mix)
55.Marc Hartman - I'll Be Waiting (Original Mix)
56.Matt Holliday - Ending (Original Mix) [JOOF Aura]
57.Medsound & Dana Jean Phoenix - Moving Right (Juloboy Remix)
58.Mick Roach - Meantime (TDraper Mix) [Soundcolours]
59.Miwa- My Haven (Andrew GG Remix) [Pineapple Grooves]
60.Moonnight - To Save Love (Original Mix)

61.My 7Sky - Sea Breeze (Original Mix) [Easy Summer Bundles]
62.Nemea, Lylli - Home (Palastic Remix) [Good Life Music]
63.New Rome - Leaving (Original Mix) [Room 40]
64.Niles Cooper - Lamplight Rains (Original Version)
65.Novaspace - Cygnus (Sunrise Mix)
66.Oscar Stringz - I Miss You Michael [Lounge Masters]
67.Paul Hided, Leenoox - Aeria (Chilloul Mix)
68.Profundo & Gomes - Palau (Original Mix)
69.Pulmo - Windmill (Chill Out Mix) [Nuit Blanche]
70.RAFO - Beauty Memory (Original Mix) [Media Blackout]
71.Raul Carrasco, Javier Orlando - Petalo (Summer Mix) [Beira-Mar]
72.Robien M - La Playa (Original Mix) [Easy Summer]
73.RUFUS - Say A Prayer For Me (Mazde Remix) [Sweat It Out!]
74.RunSQ - You're the One [Soundcolours]
75.Sad Radio On Cassini - Embracing the Sun (Original Mix)
76.Sasac - Talking God (Original Mix) [Alliance Upholstery]
77.Sebastian Davidson  - Should Love You (Extended Mix) [Chill]
78.SHEPS - Wolf Of Wall Street (FRZN 80's Mix) [Electric Love
79.Sinoptik Music - Late October (Original Mix)
80.Sinoptik Music - Thinking About Lisa (Original Mix)

81.Sinoptik Music - Variations of Life (Original Mix)
82.Sinoptik Music, Moshimoss - Lost in the Humming Air (Original Mix)
83.Solanos, Adriana Macedo - Estranha [Lounge Masters]
84.Worldwide Groove Corporation - Come to Me (Instrumental Mix)
85.SoulGalaxy - Fall (Original Mix) [Easy Summer Limited]
86.SoulGalaxy - Love Her (Original Mix) [Easy Summer Limited]
87.SoulGalaxy - Monte-carlo (Original Mix)
88.Worldwide Groove Corporation - Human [Sofa Sessions]
89.SoulGalaxy - Revive (Original Mix) [Easy Summer Limited]
90.SoulGalaxy - Seychelles Water (Original Mix)
91.SoulGalaxy - There Is No Fear (Original Mix)
92.Stereocuts, Jay J  - Bone Down (Stereocuts Remix)  [Downshift]
93.Stratos Sal - Dreamer (Original Mix) [Sa Trincha Recordings]
94.Syntouch & Cosmic Heaven - Afterglow (Bart Panco Chill Remix)
95.Theox, Bongz Jazzman - Sensual Bliss (Main Mix)
96.Tom Strobe - In Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Silk Music]
97.Tom Strobe - Rising Feelings (Original Mix)
98.Unique2Rhythm - Temperature Rising (Lamont Dex Remix)
99.Universal Solution -  Asmara (Original Mix) 
100.Vela Rae - Your Love (Original Mix)
101. White Living Room - Mann (Original Mix) [Silk Music]

3 Remix
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