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Slide it with 3Osc on FL Studio 12

FL Studio comes with several best VST Plug In for your remix equipment.
The legendary VST Plug In Instrument that include on every versions of FL Studio is 3Osc, we can make tons of sound from this tiny little synthesizer. Today I want to show you how to make a slide note using 3Osc. It is simple yet easy to understand. At least I can show you two ways of making the slide using 3Osc.

A. Use Note Properties inside Piano Roll

1. Add 3Osc plug in to channel rack

2. Open the piano roll and make some note

3. Make one note under the note we make before, later on we will customize this note

4. Double click on that note, it will pop up the Note Properties Window

5. Check on slide radio button on note properties to activate the slide function

6. You can customize the slide note later, for now just click the accept button

7. The Slide note appear with a slide note icon on the right side

Now, play the whole note and hear the different between the note on the first beat and the rest of it. You can make the slide note short or long, depends on your need. If you want to change the properties of the slide note, double click on the note and you will find several knob for adjustment the note. After you finish tweak the slide note, you can always copy paste it and make a slide for another main note. To make the slide sound pitch lower put the slide not under the main note you want to slide and if you want to make the slide pitch higher, put the slide note upper the main note.

B. Miscellaneous function on 3Osc

1. Click on 3Osc tab on Channel Rack and click on Miscellaneous function, it will open a new page to tweak the 3Osc.

2. Turn on the mono radio button on polyphony sections to play the note on monophonic mode (one note played at a time)

3. You can change the length of the slide use Slide knob (Portamento Time)

The different between those two tricks when we use Slide on Note Properties and add it to one of the main note, it will only change that particular note even when another note is overlapping. But if you use the second tricks, whatever note that overlapping eventually will make the whole note slide. Try by yourself to feel the differences.

This tricks works well when you create a melody of a song. Threat it right and you will get dirty dutch sound character. Tweak it and make it your brand new sound.  

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