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Most Popular VST Plug Ins and A Recipe to Produce EDM inside FL Studio

What's up dude...It's been a long time i have not post on this blog. This time i want to share you about what kind of plug in that we can use to produce EDM song and others especially for beginner. So check this one out...

Earlier, producer make song use hardware synthesizer and effect with very limited option and variation and thanks to the latest invention of software technology.

Nowadays we have another option based on software to create new sound, instrument or even effects to put in our song called VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug in.

This technology developed by Steinberg. Software with user interface that brings hardware experience right through your computer display.

Tons of VST release later by a lot of company that give us a huge choice and possibility whether its free or paid versions. And definitely make us confuse which one is correct to use for our song, in this case EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Because not all of VST Plug In we can use and provide sound character of EDM. 

Overall, VST plug in have the same function and we can use it in our song whatever the genre we wan to produce as long as we can find fit sound bank for those VST Plug In. In another ways we can make custom sound of our own inside the VST, as long as we have time to customize the default sound, use a little bit creativity and imagination.

For example if we use FL Studio (DAW) to produce and want to make custom Bass sound  just pick Harmor VST (Include on FL Studio) easily.  

I will give you the common VST used in EDM music, hardstyle (electro), soft style (Progressive House) and many more, so you can get the picture how to choose the right VST for your song. Check it out:

3 Plug ins for EDM we can use in Fl studio :

1. Massive VST Plug In by Native Instruments with EDM sound bank

It so easy to pick the sound we want using Massive default preset. You can find various genre presets like Top Artist EDM Massive Patches. Or like I said before, we can make our own custom sound inside it. You can find the patch over the internet for free or paid version.

Another massive patch like Massive EDM Super Pack that very fit to use in Progressive House, Electro House et cetera. If you need the free version of preset just use Google under “Free preset massive for edm” or “massive preset for Edm” keywords.

Why massive so popular? Because the character from its engine produces solid and thick sound of course very ideal for Edm genre.

2. Sylenth1 by LennarDigital

On number 2 plug in that I suggest is Sylenth1, one of the best Plug In around the scene, world class VST that use by cross genre music Producers. Light weight for computer memory consume and relative simple interface. Brings the thick and bold sound through your DAW. Its only 8 Megabytes VST with marvelous complete features. One of my favorite VST and large preset/ Soundbank/ patch across the internet. Find it on google use keywords “free Edm Soundbank for Syleth1” and how amazing the result that come up. I use Essential Edm Soundbank for myself.

3. Nexus2 by reFX

I have no doubt that Nexus2 can handles various genre, cross platform and come with great sound quality. We can find miscellaneous preset include on Massive. If its not enough, we can always find the latest Expansion for Nexus2 that fit to our song. The Expansions itself always keep up with the music growth. Its hard to imagine how excellent the sound of Nexus2 provides.  

The most important things to remember that all of the VST plug In I described above is the soundbank. Because the preset inside soundbank usually compatible with songs character. Pick one of numerous preset precisely so we don't need to worry about the sound setting of the VST when we arrange the music.

If we choose the wrong sound from the VST Plug In can turn the song to loose the feel and character itself. For example, we originally want to produce Hard Electro genre with boom kick and dirty instruments, but we choose the wrong sample or sound (Kick, Bass etc) in return make our song feels like House genre and loose the aim of hard electro music.

Another recipe for EDM Please...

When we produce a song it doesn't meant that we rely on VST Plug In only, we also need sample sound (usually on Wav or Aiff formats). Some people says, soundpack, sound collections, Sound Loop or else but generally its all the same. We can find Voice, Fx, Fills, Drum, Synth, Ambients etc inside the soundpack. For your references to produce song in FL Studio or another DAW I sorted it to 3 popular soundpack commonly use by world producers.

1. Sound to sample : Ultra Edm Drops
2. Loopmasters : Edm Power Pack all volume
3. Producer loops : Abstract EDM Drop (Get popular by  Ozcan, Martin garrix other producers)

Those three samples equip with drum loops, single sound, one shout, Fx, voice, etc. Its so handful if you have one of those soundpack to create a blasting EDM song. Want to find another samplepack for your needs? Just click on www.loopmasters.com or google it. If you are a Trap producer you can check this out.

You can get free samples at least 1 Gigabyte if you subscribe from www.producerloops.com just fill your email address. More samples means more collection for further song production.   

The conclusions, if we want to produce EDM song more easy we need the correct VST Plug Ins and set of samplepack for the ammunition of our song, exclude your skills of music of course. Get it all and start to produce, why not?  

- Sets of Preset commonly called Soundbank in Nexus2, Sylenth1 and similar VST, in massive the call it Soundfile.
- One bank consist of several preset.
- Preset and soundbank from VST Plug In are in different format one and another

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