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How to Sort Your Songs with Mixmeister BPM Analyzer

For a beginners DJ, more easy to mix songs with the same BPM (Beat per Minute) rather than to mix a song with different BPM. Its very natural because lack of mixing skills (you should always practice this one dude...). So how to make it easy?. The answer is as simple as a song playlist we make before we plays the song with the same BPM.

To organize the song we can use the advantage of software that specialize on BPM counting/ analyzer or detection. Many variants outside there to run this function such as Mixed in Key, BPM Analyzer, BPM Counter, Rekordbox, BPM Detector.

We can check the Bpm online too right now some of website dedicate to detected song's BPM. Give it a try to songbpm.com, or bpm tool,  in general they offers exact same function as a bpm counter.

Actually if you use DJ Software like Virtual DJ, Traktor or Stanton they already have built in feature to accommodate Bpm counter.

Today I want to review a little bit and how to  use about one of good songs organizing software and bpm counter called Mixmeister BPM Analyzer. First of all you must download it and give it a try if you feel satisfied don't bother to buy it.

Here link - BPM Analyzer download and . Here we go.

1. After you download the software, install and open it  then Select All (Ctrl + A) your song collections in explorer that you want to use for your performance and drag inside it. Or you just simply click on Open Folder icon on upper left Mixmeister window and choose your songs.

Take a peek at the picture. Wait until analyze process complete and the Bpm of all songs that we added shows 99% Bpm accurate.

2. Next, display beat per minutes detail in the windows explorer column. It will show you the songs that has been scan on Analyzer. Right click on the windows explorer column heading – more, and then a new window will appear, find beat per minute and  check it – ok. It will bring out beat per minute column.

3. After beat per minute column pop up, it will tell you the bpm detail on the right side under its column.

4.To order the bpm ascending or descending simply click on beat per minute column one time it will sorted the bpm from small to big and inverse if click that column one more time.

5. last step, after you sorted the bpm, make a new folder and name it next to the bpm. Example songs that have 128 bpm go to 128 bpm folder and on. Move your songs right next to it. Done...

That's all, the fastest and easy way to organize your song collections on your hardisk. It will brings confident to any DJ when they give a live perfomance on the gig or show. Because one of DJ's responsibilities is to prepare the songs that will be play. Try It Now, you will never know til you try... :)

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