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How to Slice A Song in FL Studio

Slicing part of a song sometimes could make a pain in the ass. It easy but its hard. Confusing right?. This is what I encounter the very first time when I learn to edit song beat on FL Studio 9, I find difficulty to choose the right tools to slice that beat. So I write this tips step by step on how to slice a song inside FL Studio. Apparently its so easy though...

I assume we already load the song we can to slice into FL Studio playlist window, so we can start immediately to slice it. Wherever the part you want to slice.

Click on Slice (knife) Button on the corner left side of FL Studio playlist, the color of the button will turn to blue on FL Studio 12. Take a look on the picture:

Pointed your mouse to the part of the song you want to slice, by following the line or grid in the playlist. Left click and hold while you drag it from upper part to bottom of the wave, After finish release the mouse. Do not forget to set the snap feature so we can slice on the particular part of the song following by the the line. If you want to randomize the slice deactivate the snap to none so it cut the song randomly.

If you want to slice base on step, simply set it on the snap 1/6 step, 1/8 step and others step count you want to make. Change it on Snap to Grid menu inside the playlist.

That's it, so simple isn't it? That is how we slice part of a song inside FL Studio. It's all up to you what do you want to do with that slice, you can save it as a loop and save it to your hardisk or usb even you can make it as a new sample and create a new setting on sample from that slice.

If you don't need the rest of a slice part from the song you can erase it, so when you render the song or export it will not include on you slice part by right click on the unused part or drag it under the track we want to save and mute that channel by click on the green light on the left.

This tricks also can apply on the pattern we made on FL Studio by using the slice tool not only for the song or sample. I usually use this tricks when I remix a song with acapella vocal so I can make a new part from that acapella and make it as a new loop.

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