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Bass Preset Inside FL Studio

There are a lot of vst instruments inside the FL Studio with a lot of preset of the instruments. For rookie it bring a whole new problems because its so confusing to choose the best instrument preset. Even the experience producer sometimes hit this problems too.

I want to share you several Bass sound Preset I ever Use in FL Studio.

1. Sytrus

The preset: Deep, Deep 1, Deep 3.

Use the presets above to make bassline for House, Progressive, deep house and others. But it does not belong to modern Edm genre. This preset suit for soft to medium songs. If you need another preset for sytrus, check this out.

To choose the preset click on plug in options button on upper left corner Sytrus window. The categories by instruments. Choose bass category and pick one of it.

2. Harmor

The Preset:  Bass - Analog bass.

I use this preset to make dark progressive house and electro because it easy to customize. W can change the sound character by change the frequency  and on. Take a look on above image and find your best setting to make a better bass sound.

3. BooBass

This VST did not bring own preset, its only default preset and we must customize it. The character of boobass match for Pop or House music. To make the sound more bold turn the low knob full to right. Take a look on the picture.

Take look a little deeper the character of the sound almost similar with soulful house or deep house songs bassline.

4. MiniSynth (available only on FL Studio 12)

A lot of good preset options inside Minisynth. Fit with all genre’s of electronic music. Choose wisely the god one.

From the picture above, show us the selection of minisynth preset. I test it one by one and the sound really good for my ears. You can find another instruments here not only the bass. Feel free to try.

5. Harmless 

Please open Presets : Blue Sunday , Dx bass 2 Fg, E-bass , Just the sub Gol ( looks like good choice for breakbeat kota ), Simplton Gol ( definitely good for progressive, house, deep ).

This vst plug in available in every versions of FL Studio, so you don’t need to worry you can not use it. As long as your versions of FL Studio not a demo version.

That’s all the preset you can find on those 5 vst plug in inside FL Studio. To save your valuable time of good bass presets. The result of the song you create depends on how you mix the bass sound character. If you give a proper mix into your song, believe me you will amaze with the clear and balance of your song.

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