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How to Get Wide and fat Song when Render on FL Studio 11

One of my friends told me why he got bad quality of song after rendered or export it, low gain and lack of kick punch. The song output not exacts the same quality as FL Studio’s. What exactly causing that problems?. So there’s a few things cause it. First, when you render unbalance instruments on mixing console. Second, no mastering plug in attach on master output of FL Studio.

Third, the quality of data sample source, higher bit means higher quality. And so many others symptoms makes your rendered songs turn to bad.

I will give you some tricks to make your song appropriate after rendering in Fl Studio 11:
1. Export to Wav 24bit format

WAV format so much better than mp3 format because no compression involve and no data of song that lost of its original bit. The other advantage use wav is making us easier to mastering the song into cross platform mastering software. For example, check the picture to set our song into 24 bit format (under wav depth label).

2. On Quality label re sampling set high quality to 128 - 512-point. 

 Of course if your computer have 4 gigabyte memory above, because it will slow the render process if your RAM under 4 gigabyte.

Take a look on FL Studio render dialogue:

 fat Song when Render on FL Studio 11

3. Set the volume level output windows to full before rendering.

Click on speaker – mixer icon (windows taskbar on bottom right corner) drag it to full top level. This trick I got from one of my sound engineering friend’s. He said that Sound level volume on windows impact to song bit depth (density of sound).

Do not forget to pull down the volume fader on windows after complete the render because you can get heart attack if you suddenly play the song on full volume. Haha

I tried to resampling to 512 point, wav 24 bit and I got wide and fat song. Disadvantage of this trick could make your final render song size bigger than you ever thought. At least 150 Megabyte for 7-8 minutes of song duration. It takes about 120 Megabyte for 6 minutes song duration.

Even if my RAM size 16 Gigabyte it doesn’t mean the render process could be faster when I set the sinc process to 512 point. And it become slower if a lot of effect or instrument plug in involve in the project. It takes 15 minutes for me to render 7 minute of song durations but return me a great quality of sound.

So, that’s it some of tricks to make your song wide and bold on FL Studio 11. Give it a try and taste the different between default render and custom render process. Feel free to comment if you have a question.

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