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An Introduction to DJ Equipment Speakers and Mixers

It seems if not discuss topics about DJ equipment in this blog, I didn't feel satisfied. This blog discusses the music and other related things. In the article this time I will try to share information on known DJ equipment, namely to know the speakers and the D.J. mixer.

DJ Equipment Speakers

Loudspeakers are, needless to say, a very crucial part of any DJ's set up, so you'll want to thoroughly think about your choices. And you will never find any absence of products. Online stores have almost all the leading brands and varieties, and you'll frequently learn a lot simply by perusing the on-line descriptions. Naturally, when you've got any good friends who are DJs you may get loads of tips from them.

 Introduction to DJ Equipment Speakers

For starters, there are two types of dj equipment speakers: active and passive. Active loudspeakers include amplifiers built-in, and so all you do is deliver a signal from your mixer to each speaker. Of course, you need to adjust the loudspeakers before your affair, and there exists the issue of getting electrical power to each speaker meaning more cables run to where you position your speakers. Still plenty of DJs have a preference for this system as well as simplicity it provides.

Passive loudspeakers don't have any built in amp, which means you need to have either an external amplifier or a powered mixer that will feed your speakers. I prefer passive loudspeakers connected to an external amp. Though this is a matter of individual inclination.

DJ Equipment Mixers

DJ Equipment Mixers are at the center of any DJ's setup. For the brand new DJ the choices may be rather bewildering, however they need not be. A mixer is merely that - a device that enables you to combine several inputs into one output which ordinarily feeds your amplifier after which your speakers. It's more that just a "switcher" that allows you to select inputs, despite the fact that at times that is what it's used for. And it is a lot more than just a volume control, although, once again, it does that, too. But it really does a whole lot more.

DJ equipment mixers permit you to have all those awesome fades from one input to the other. Many mixers include built-in effects in order to vary your audio in cool ways. Most all mixers have got EQ adjustments which allow you to contour the sound coming from the several channels by fine-tuning the bass, mid-range, and highs.

The other thing a mixer does for you is it enables you to make use of a pair of headphones to listen to only one channel at any given time, or to listen to the whole mix. You will find this to be really useful.

The DJ doesn't need some huge console mixer having 24 or more channels. Generally four channels will be all you need. Stick with one of the main makes and seriously learn to operate your DJ equipment mixer and you should be off to a fantastic start.


The main thing is that all your equipment - from DJ equipment speakers to your DJ mixer to headphones and microphones all operates together properly so that you get good audio - and happy customers.

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