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How do Mixing bass and kick in fl studio

Annoying problem when mixing bass-line and kick in fl studio, is the sound of the hard merging. Sometimes the kick and bass collision frequency due to suction each other. Sometimes kick the losers and sometimes also the bass voice sounded small. So, how to mix the bass and kick in Fl studio?

Each person must have their own experience in terms of the sound mix dj song / dance electronic music, what plugins to use and how ?. So now I share my experience so far in the mix of bass and kick in fl studio, hopefully fit for you all. Here's how I mix the bass and kick in fl studio 11:

1. To kick

I set it in the middle or Mono usual I say, not stereo. Why I set to mono? Because to make room for other instrument sounds, to these other voices will have a wider space for not disturbed frequency sound of kick. So for the other instruments sound the setting to stereo. Kick signal size not more than 0 db, preferably underneath. Roughly like this:

How do Mixing bass and kick in fl studio

Why only one signal? .. Therefore plugin specially mono, so the signal is only one. The picture above is actually at -5 because I can not take a screen.

2. Bassline / Bass

I set it to a stereo channel on the mixer Fl studio. The goal for the frequency does not collide with the kick, but it depends step bassline. If any part of the step that same position with the beat beat (kick), then the solution is to use the channel bassline Sidechain techniques. Please use the special Sidechain plugin here. Or make Sidechain manually in FL studio, next I will discuss later how to make Sidechain.

The size of the signal / benchmark under the kick, for example, kick in -5db, then bassline between -10  -15dB. The goal is that both balance and later in big bass sound not push kick. Because usually in large speakers club already available sub.

Why the signal is not on the value 0?

The reason it is still in the process of setting the channel mix, ie the kick and bass, if directly to 0dB then later when in mastering the sound will overload and greatness. It's simple reason. The picture above the screen plugin waves ssl for mono. If in Fl studio can use the default which is the plugin stereo enhancer. Or use a free plugin stereo tool. Search on google with keywords, free vst stereo tool.

That's about how mixing bass and kick in fl studio, so as not to impact on both frequencies, and do not forget to also set the fader level on each channel. In conclusion: To kick set to mono, and for bass set to stereo, so kick really in the middle. I hope help you, sorry for grammar.

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