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Software to create backing tracks for free

Do you like music? Yes, I love it and you'll understand! I think that is coming to you, at least once, the desire to be the real hero, to be the author of a piece of music or even some simple musical bases.
In fact you can be fine because you too can become a true musical genius in a few seconds. Of course you do not need just to buy many musical instruments but you can simply use your PC.

Ok, maybe this was not so much a novelty because now I have told you in all the ways that you can create music with the PC. Today, however, we would like to explain how to create backing tracks that you can then use as you wish: you can enter in the video, in some parts of songs and even some impromptu karaoke! Well, so it seems a very difficult thing, but in reality it is not so because, as I said before, your computer will help you a lot.

There is in fact a Software to create backing tracks that you can use completely free of charge. I'm talking about some Software's like Anvil Studio . These allow you to create the music for free, although a little 'complicated. There is also the possibility of using the site JamStudio to create music but, unfortunately, is in charge!

Software to create backing tracks for free

Anvil Studio : This Software allows you to create completely Free of MIDI music files that simulate various musical instruments. Perhaps, as freeware is one of the best! Allows you to manage time, the beat of the sound, and more as well as intonation. Unfortunately it is a bit 'complicated to use but still be able to get results!

MidiPiano : This Software allows you to very easily create, edit or cut a MIDI file played by a piano

Musinum : This Software allows you, like the others, to create MIDI music. The simulating the various tools you can create because you can interact with them. It is a Software that lets you create multi-track MIDI files. Ok, the graphics are not the best but can bring in good results!

Ardour : Perhaps it is one of the most comprehensive Software's for creating music. Allows you to cut, speed, mix and even record new audio tracks. Oh, I forgot: the Software is completely free. Also it is not even too complicated to use, even if, of course, a little 'practice will be needed. Everything is thus presented as an excellent Software to create backing tracks

Free Audio Editor : Excellent audio editor with a fast, clear and direct. You should not have many problems to make music using it. Oh, I forgot, it's free!

Audacity : Very well known and completely in Italian. Too bad about the graphics is not the best. Will allow you to edit audio files that you can then use to create musical bases, joining, cutting, speeding etc., various audio tracks
Mu.lab here is a good audio files editor. Not very easy to use, but after a little 'practice, you can create all the backing tracks you want!

Linux multimedia studio : Great music editor with a graphical compact, stylish and very clear. Allows you to create music even if you're a beginner, since it is easier for everyone else.

Audio Free Acid Express : This is a free version of Acid which allows you to create music and create music beds very efficiently! Although it is a bit 'too complicated to use, you can afford to create the bases really good, of course only after a little' healthy practice!

Software to create musical bases: Jam Studio fee

Software to create backing tracks

Jam Studio is an excellent Software to create backing tracks using only your PC thanks to its high level of simplicity. Allows you to create backing tracks in no time and eventually find is always catchy. Using this Software to create backing tracks you just put down a few chords and then hear the result. I have personally tried and in 5 minutes I created a musical style quite catchy rock. Why not try it too? This solution, however, is paid.

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