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3 Program to Tune the Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. It is a stringed instrument and, as such, must tune it before even playing it. If the guitar is not tuned not issue the correct sounds or the right notes. The fact is that making tuning your guitar to a music teacher is really very simple, but if there was not an expert near you who can help you as you would to play your guitar? The only solution is to learn how to tune the guitar.

Tune your guitar without tuner is quite complicated and it takes a long ear that you can take on only after a few years of practice. To fix this problem you can use some tuners. Although you may seem absurd, your pc may very well work as tuner and then simulate its operation.

If so you need to tune your guitar you should look for a program to tune your guitar. There are some online programs and others to download and install on your PC. I took a ride on the web and I have written them all! So today we will talk about the best program to tune the guitar among all those listed below.

1. PitchPerfect Guitar Tuning

3 software to Tune the Guitar

Guitar Tuning is an excellent program very useful for tuning the guitar with the pc. It provides you with a real tuner with a virtual guitar very functional, simple and fast way to tune your guitar in just 5 minutes!

An interesting possibilities made available by the program is the ability to connect to a PC microphone and then play our guitar being felt in the program if the whole is granted or not. There are in fact two small "led": a red one that turns on if you have not tuned well and a green one that turns on you tuned perfectly rope and you're ready to play. The program is completely free and you can download it when you want.

2. Free Guitar Tuner

Guitar tuner software

Another excellent program to tune your guitar is Free Guitar Tuner . It 'really a good program if you want to tune your guitar with the pc. Perhaps, however, is slightly worse than Guitar Tuning I mentioned above.

The graphics are simple and intuitive with a window with a little graphic, but just little, captivating. The only reason why you should download this program unique is its simplicity.

The program is completely free and you can download it from sites like softonic. Here's the download:

3. Mini Tuner
Mini tuner software

Mini Tuner is another excellent program to tune your guitar. It 'really very simple, once you've connected the microphone to your PC, you feel like you have in front of a real guitar tuner.

I recommend this program if you've never had an ear for tuning the guitar alone or if by chance you do not want even to try to understand how the various complicated tuners. This fact achieves its purpose with a simplicity almost overwhelming. Everything is very simple and intuitive with a few keys in hand and everything in order. When'll sound a note of your musical instrument, Mini Tuner, able to capture it and give you the note and its values ​​on the screen. You must then check that it is correct and then granted or forgotten.

In short, if you discharge this program you will not have problems in playing the instruments before abandon because forgotten. There's Mini Tuner that can help you in a lot completely free and free. But pity that the graphics are not the best and it may appear pretty spartan or old. Despite what you would really recommend it if you are looking for simplicity, speed and lightness!

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