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Why refx nexus vst no contents?

Refx nexus vst plugin that is widely used by musicians in the world, because the default preset sound quality and very nice. The number of existing content library is sufficient to represent the sounds of each type of music. Answer why nexus vst no contents is:

refx nexus vst no contents

1. You simply download the application file without preset content / library. Maybe you got it from downloading the file sharing site. did you know that refx nexus vst full capacity of 3,20gb. With the details below:

Nexus 2 Manual English.pdf
Nexus 2 Setup.exe ( 15mb)
Nexus Content ( 3,18gb file size)

So, you just get an application, nexus 2 setup.exe, without nexus content folder. Refx nexus vst will not be able to be used without any content folder, so you have to download all the data to complete as above, to make refx nexus vst functioning properly and has a library contents.

2. You install refx nexus 2 vst, but misplaced folder location. If using FL Studio software is usually the location of the folder is located at: C: \ program files (x86) \ vst plugins. There is a possibility you placed the folder location to another, so that the application refx nexus vst could not find it after in pairs.

3. Folder nexus content.
Data nexus folder contents have not you put into vst plugins folder location. So the solution is that you have to copy and paste the nexus folder content to the correct location. Please see the video on how to install refx nexus vst plugin correctly below:

So, that's why vst nexus does not work properly after the installation process is complete, and no contents inside. And also why do not appear in the list of channel fl studio, the answer please see the video above.

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