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Acapella clean famous songs, free download

You know, if you want to mix songs to be different from the original, you need a clean vocals. Commonly called, acapella. Acapella is a song that contains only the vocals alone without music. so this will make a re-mixer be easy in the process of mixing the song.

Clean acapella vocals list:

1. Sia - Titanium ( acapella clean)
2. Cristina - Concrete angel ( chord F
3. Cristina ft pitbull - Feel this moment ( acapella )
4. Morena clean vocal
5. Allexinno & Starchild - Joanna (Studio Acapella) A
6. Rihanna - diamonds_(acapella) Bm
7. Find You (Acapella) Cm
8.Concrete Angel By, Gareth Emery Acapella Em
9.Tony Ray Ft. Gianna - Chica Loca (Studio Acapella) Em
10.Rihanna Feat Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Acapella) chord F#-
11.John Legend - All of Me (diy acapella) G#-
12.Will.I.Am ft. Britney Spears - Scream & Shout (Acapella) Gm-
13.Krewella - Alive (Studio Acapella) A-F#-D
14.Katy Perry - Roar (Acapella) A#-
15. Jenifer lopez - Dance again (chord B, E, reff : Bm, G, D.

Download data here -Famous songs acapella.

Some of the songs above have been completed I do. You can listen to my remix below:

I do it by using software fl studio 10, because fl studio 11 version has not been released. But now I've been using fl studio new version.

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