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7 tips remix with fl studio, important

Discussing the topic of the remixes I think a lot of things that should be discussed. From start making beats, choose kick, FX, loops, and more. But in my experience so far. And not intend patronizing you, which may be understood about the world of music and remixes. This time I simplify about 7 tips important in remixes in Fl studio. For starters I hope can be made in one of the guidelines. Ok, below 7 important things to note in the remix song: Dance electronic music ( EDM)
1. Select the songs you like

Problem like it or not we know it is common in any case where it relates to one's emotional. Try to think if we do not we like it definitely feels less sincere and usually less good results. Yes ..? And this is also related to -remix song. At the beginning I start learning -remix song no matter whether I like it or not the song. Anyway directly working on. And during the process of work on the project songs often stuck aka blank or bland taste. What else to do this .. ?? In the end I often project not working anymore. When finished was the result is not satisfactory. Then I start to work on a song that I think is good and love ..

7 tips remix with fl studio, important

Feel influence at the time to do it easily I get. From the selection of beats, lead, and others. Because of what ..?
Emotional me as if dissolved in the song so wanted to like what arrangement the music flow. Crate words of famous musicians that sing or make a song that often involves emotional so that produced the song was like living that is not flat or boring. It also applies in dj remix songs.

If you listen to the results remix my songs on Soundcloud/djhendry, honestly I do the song because I love, the process is also not for a moment, and sometimes frequently changing sound until you find the right instrument. For those who begin to learn remixes so I suggest choose a song that you like and feel the difference.

2. Use Acapella / clean vocals

Why should use acapella / clean vocals? because this is where we really challenged for clicking back into a musical arrangement different from the original version. To obtain information about chord song better listen to the original version first. So we know what the song's chord, because it is so much easier. Download free acapella on this site - acapella4you.co.uk. Join first, then after login click search menu acapella. Type the title of the song you are looking for.

But you can download my data Acapella, here : Acapella clean famous songs free download.

Using clean vocals without music better when -remix song, because the results are clean. Than we extract vocals (discard music) use adobe audition or other software. But if acapella / vocals that in looking not we get, with forced to extract vocals of the original song.

3. Understanding Chord / key / Chord progression

It is also very important we should note that we remixed song between vocal and music into harmony (not off-key). For example, if you sing and play guitar accompanied with random chord certainly not bad. If you are a boy band / music school never usually in control of chord it did not matter because it was familiar tone. But the problem for the blind at all about tone, this sometimes makes it difficult once on the remix. So must learn to understand chord / key from the beginning. And the good news, one of the advantages Fl studio software is already providing functionality in a piano rool chord wizard on each channel.

4. Selection of Instrument / samples

If we listen carefully to every genre of songs dj definitely have a different instrument sounds including musical element. And this is a challenge for us the remixer song in getting the right sound. Is this song fits with our chosen instrument sound.? For bassline, rhythm, lead, pad, and others.

Also the feel of voting instrument, is what distinguishes between the remixer song A and B. Example: between Armin van Buuren and Tiesto, dash berlin. They have their own characteristics, although still in a genre of music that is Trance. We may imitate them but it would be better a musician has its own characteristic and style. How about you?

To get a good sound, we can use Refx nexus vst plugin. Sound is very good and a lot of preset library provided.

5. Automation

In the activity in fl studio remixes, automation is used to manipulate the process so that it runs automatically. This automation can be done on the channel, vst plugins, playlists, mixers, events editor, and other tools in fl studio. For example: we want to make noise the lower to the higher or behind. Usually the song dutch house often using automation.

And can be used for other processes such as making sounds kick in a certain duration disappear, then reappear. imagine without automation will be a lot of pattern / channel we have to make are included in the process of mixing tracks. How to use automation please look at youtube. search "fl studio automation.

6. Mixing tracks

mixing track in fl studio
This part is very important also that where any track in the playlist that we have made in our pattern neatly stacking. And then at balancing in the mixer area. The purpose of this mixing is for balancing the fade in and fade out settings for each track. So there is no collision frequence. For example: between basdrum and bassline not bassline his greatness.

Giving effect plugins are also important in any mixer track, so Loud right track. In the opinion of sound engineering, 70% of the sound quality of the songs is on the mixing, 30% in mastering.

Including how well the sensitivity of our ears to the sound (if done alone). At this stage I still have much to learn. But we can use audio mastering services that now a lot on the internet.

7. Mastering Audio

Mastering is the final process after mixing so that the results of our songs sound output sound quality standards. This means that if in the play in any system sound sound is just right and good. Not slowly and greatness. This process includes the use of plugins and hardware we use. Series of mastering such a simple process: Volume level maximization, Balance frequencies, Reduce any unnecessary noise (unwanted noise), Encoding, Re-check for any errors.

In the process of mastering the songs I use Fruity multiband compressor in Fl studio software, plus vst plugin isotope ozone 5. For mastering Tips you can see on youtube.

These are 7 important tips remixed with fl studio software, which I can share with you, and hopefully add insight.

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