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List songs genre chill out & lounge, very nice

Make yourself be relaxed by listening to songs genre chill out & lounge. low tempo and very soft music will make us more relaxed, and of course a lot of ideas coming. I have a collection of some of the songs by genre chill out, which is very nice. Below the song list:

List songs genre chill out & lounge, very nice:

1. London Grammar - Strong (RAC Remix)
2. CJ Aleksov, DJ-Svjatoy (ua) - New Day (Original Mix)
3. Giana Factory - I Live at Night (Original Mix) [Questions & Answers]
4. Giana Factory - Our Hearts Are Pounding (Original Mix)
5. Gold Lounge - Eternity (Cosmic Chill Edit) [Sine Music]
6. Matteo Marini, Molly Bancroft - Feel Like Hope (Original Mix)
7. Matteo Marini, Molly Bancroft - Feel Like Hope (Royale Mix)
8. Sine - Ocean Dreams (Original Mix) [Sine Music]
9. Soulbeats, Manyus, Majuri - Keep Holding On (Chillout Mix) [Cult Note]
10. Sunsphere - Beyond (Original Mix) [Sine Music]

Track-List songs genre chill out & lounge

11. Tosca - Meixner (LTJ Xperience Mix) [K7 Records]
12. Weathertunes - After Dawn (Original Mix)
13. Weathertunes - Salida Del Sol (Original Mix)
14. Weathertunes - Your Loneliness (Original Mix)
15. Andrew Rayel, Lira Yin - Fading Echoes (Album Mix)
16. Beau - Karma [Kitsune]
17. CJ Aleksov, DJ-Svjatoy (ua) - Learn To Forgive (Original Mix)
18. Antillas, Anki - They Took It All (Acoustic Version)
19. Captain Wayan - Run Tings (Original Mix) [Stereoheaven]
20. Dextro - The Unknown (Original Mix)

List songs genre chill out & lounge, very nice

21. Diario - Don't Forget (Original Mix) [Stereoheaven]
22. Erdinc Erdogdu, Esma Er - Yelken (Serhat Karadag Acoustic Ver.)
23. Igor Pumphonia - Majestic (Original Mix) [IPRecordings]
24. John 00 Fleming - Time Lapse NGC-2264 (Original Mix)
25. Lurob - A Day Away (Original Mix) [Sutra Sounds]
26. Monolog - Feel so right [Grand Gallery]
27. Pink Sugar Motel - World of Illusions (Original Mix)
28. POSMODERNA - Playa Bristol (Original Mix) [Happy Life]
29. Proyal - He Will Come (Dim Line Ambient Remix)
30. Tony Sit - Flashback (Original Mix)

31. Tony Sit - Night Lullaby (Original Mix) [Easy Summer]
32. Tony Sit - Sea of Hope (Original Mix) [Easy Summer]
33. Albert Wind - Pensieve (Original Mix) [Easy Summer Limited]
34. Alice Russell - Twin Peaks (Original Mix) [Royal Plastic Digital]
35. Artissound - Time Out (Original Mix) [Galileo Dreams]
36. Astronautica - Velvet Morning (feat Bridge) (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]
37. Balearia - Anatolia (Original Mix) [Abora Chillout]
38. Balearia - Chichen Itza (Original Mix) [Abora Chillout]
39. Carl Keaton Jr. - Du tust was du tust [Peppermint Jam]
40. City Lies - Tuesdays (Manu Zain Remix)

41. Cucumbers - Good Night LA (Anturage Remix)
42. Deep.her - Drive Me Slowly (Original Mix) [Colour In Music]
43. Dj Rostej - Erasing The Past (Original Mix) [Easy Summer]
44. Dj Rostej - Flight To The Sun (Original Mix) [Easy Summer]
45. Earthwalker - Earthwalker (Chillout Intro Mix) [Makira Records]
46. Eco, Carly Burns - Hurt (Keyworth Oldfresh Remix)
47. Hardage, Jocelyn Brown - Beautiful Day (Original Mix)
48. Laura, Sneaky Jam - Feel Young (The Rethinkers Remix)
49. Mardap - Tatty (Original Mix) [Impressed Music]
50. Memorandom, Samantha Farrell - Nouveau Jour (Dub)
51. Memorandom, Samantha Farrell - Nouveau Jour (Original Mix)
52. Porter Robinson - Sea Of Voices (Original Mix) [Virgin EMI]
53. Sagi Berger - Last Train (Original Mix) [Asymmetric Recordings]
54. Sandsun - Candle (Original Mix) [Bacci Bros. Records]
55. Sansura - Takebayashi (Original Mix) [Bacci Bros. Records]
56. Sansura - This Is India (O.W.G Mix) [Bacci Bros. Records]
57. Schwarz, Funk - Amber Skies (Original Mix)
58. Schwarz, Funk - Cala Llonga (Original Mix)
59. Schwarz, Funk - Nevada (Original Mix)
60. Stereo Gringos - Rio Easy Going (Jazz Beach Mix)

List songs genre chill out & lounge, very nice

61. Stranger Danger - Comin Home (Original Mix) [Emby]
62. The Mousseketeers - Tonite's the Night (feat Lee Fields)
63. Artissound - Empty Beach (Original Mix)
64. Artissound - Tears...(Original Mix) [Galileo Dreams]
65. Rey Salinero - Just One Minute [Salon De Lounge]
66. Rhythmphoria - Incli Nation [Salon De Lounge]
67. Rodg - Every Summer Has A Story (Original Mix)
68. Rodg - Jacqueline (Chill Mix) [Body Condition]
69. Roman Messer, Christina Novelli - Frozen (NoMosk Chillout Remix)
70. Tea At Seven - Level The Vibes (Original)
71. The Echo Of Koenigssee - Interstellar Love (Original)
72. The Sura Quintet - Claroscuro [Salon De Lounge]
73. Aqua Mundi - Sweet Fragrances (Original)
74. Enkraft - Hypnosphere (Sir Tranga Remix)
75. Javaman, Bruno Soares Sax - Sense Of Sax (Main Mix)
76. Man In A Room, Civilian - Night Mail (Original Mix)

Songs in the list above, most do not have a beat. Just instrument, piano, strings, pads, and more. But the songs are very nice, well suited to accompany our time relaxing moment. But sorry, I can not give the link download here, you can buy it at online music stores.

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