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How to patch new samples in fl studio software

Although in fl studio already provides loop samples in folder Pack, but it's not enough if we only use the samples. Therefore we need to look for other samples in accordance genre we want. And maybe you have already downloaded the samples or already have a beat loop samples, a single sound, midi files and other to make a song in Fl studio. To make it easier when we are going to use the samples, in addition to the copy and paste method, the data samples into the folder C: \ program files Image-Line \ FL Studio 11 \ Data \ Patches : On the C drive, there is an easier way if we want to save disk space C. That is by putting the data folder to the drive D loop samples, or other drive. the way is PATCH metode. Below are the steps.

1. Place all samples into one folder on the drive. Give the name of the folder that is easy, for example: My Samples Data.
2. Then click option menu - File setting.
3. Click map icon, as shown below then please select the drive where you store files and select the folder samples.

How to patch new samples in fl studio 11

4. Click ok, then the data samples will be visible in the file browser fl studio on the left.

Now the data samples you can use to start making a song. Just drag to the pattern if a single sound, like a drum kit. If the file loops 4-8 bars can directly drag it to the playlist. Click if you want to hear sound samples. This method is easier without putting samples into the data files in the program files folder patches.

Ok .. I hope tips on how to patch additional samples in fl studio 10 is enough to help you. Even the folder where you save the song project file, you can place it in the file browser (patch). So, if it will be continued, or in the edit just open the file directly from browser. My recommended try buy samples from loopmasters / vengeance , you will find great samples tools to make song or remix.

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