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Songs for dj only full version

I just post the songs that had finished I was working on, using software Fl studio. There are 5 songs that I post here, and if you want to listen to another song that I remixed, or the original mix, you can visit soundcloud.com/djhendry account. All of the songs that I post here is the full version for DJ, with intro and outro for the mixing process for a DJ.

Free for dj, remix version and original made by hendry al. You can download from mediafire, in my soundcloud account slot download limited.

1. Crazy.pitbull - hendry Al remix -- electro house
2. Paul droid - Loving you (extended) - Progressive house

3. Hendry Al - Bored midnight (original) - Dutch house/Dirty/break
4. Hendry Al - Dinda a (original mix) - Dutch house
5 Daniel B - If you are't the one (hendry al remix ) - Progressive dutch

download here -- Because slot download limit 1000x.

All the songs Full version and hope you like. For others song you can download from soundcloud/djhendry

3 Remix
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