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Tracklist good progressive house 2012

These are my notes today , for those of you who want to find or buy the songs to performing as a DJ at the club, here are a list of names of the songs that I think is good with the style of progressive house. I have listened to the songs.

Tracklist progressive house 2012:

1.Ananda Project Feat. Gaelle Adisson - Cascades Of Colour
2.Andres Party, Santiago Chakon - Da House Back (Danny Groove Remix).
3.Andres Party, Santiago Chakon - Da House Back (Dj Lucerox Remix).

4.Andrew Bayer, Matt Lange Feat. Kerry Leva - In, Out Of Phase (Original Mix).
5.Andrew Waves Feat. Andrea Love - Love's Not Over (Mattiasg80's Remix).

6.Arkoss - Yup Yup (Filex Bamgartner Remix).
7.Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Elleah - Keep The Fire (Album Mix).
8.Asino Di Medico - Bring Me Joy (Jeroenski Remix).
9.atfc and david_penn la verdad (sentimiento)_(madrid_mix)-587.
10.Baggi Begovic, Robbie Taylor - Automatic Feat. Jamie Lee Wilson (Club Mix)
11.Blas Marin, Patrizze, Jorge Amoros - In My Dreams (Carlos Rus Remix).
12.Blas Marin, Patrizze, Jorge Amoros - In My Dreams (Original Mix).
13.Bodybangers Feat. Gerald G - Set The Night On Fire (Club Mix).
14.Brockman, Basti M - Raise Your Hands (Original Mix).
15.Carl Price - Asura (Original Mix).
16.Ce Ce Rogers, Syke'n'Sugarstarr - I Believe (Max Lean Remix)
17.Chris Brogan - Temper (Original Mix).
18.Ciaran Osborne - In Control (Original Mix) [Exhilarated Recordings].
19.Ciaran Osborne - In Control (Original Mix).
20.Cristian Poow - Lamina (Jericho Ismael Remix).
21.Cueberk - Jin Jin (Original Mix).
22.David Granha, John Axiom - Plof (Original Mix).
23.Dj Falk - House Of God (Tom Novy, Jashari Remix).
24.DJ Iggy Z - Needs A Name (Original Mix).
25.DJ Sign - Make This Party Nice Feat. P.S.Y. (Horny United Extended Mix)
26.Electro Blues - The Sheltering Sky (Electro Blues Dream Mix).
27.Erik Arbores - Babilon (Club Mix).
28.Alexander Brown, Nabiha - Raise The Roof (Alexander Brown Dub).
29.Pitbull, Alexander Brown, Nabiha - Raise The Roof (Extended)
30.Fred Lilla - Drop It (Original Mix).
31.Futuristic Polar Bears & Jay C - Levitate (Original Mix).
32.Hoxton Whores - Right Before My Eyes (Original Mix).
33.Hugcaro - Creating Havoc (James Hurr Remix).
34.Hypnotic Duo - Behind The Wall (Original Mix).
35.Hypnotic Duo, Albert The Hook - Mogadishu (Original Mix).
36.Incognet - Anna (Vocal Mix).
37.Insilico - Xyz (Original Mix).
38.Interplay - Nitro (Original Mix).
39.Jay Lumen - Calypso (Manuel De La Mare Shibuya Remix).
40.Jerome Isma-Ae _ Sebastian Krieg - 308 (JunkDNA Remix).
41.Jerome Isma-ae Oriental (Club Mix).
42.Keemo Feat. Cosmo Klein - Beautiful Lie (Chuckie, Ortzy, Nico Hamuy Remix).
43.Ken Loi - Electric Neon (Original Mix).
44.Kim Covington, Dr. Shiver - Taste Me (Simone Cattaneo, Alex Remode Mix).
45.Komytea - Professional Killers (Jerome Ismaae, Daniel Portman Remix).
46.Micah The Violinist - Habibi For Your Love (Hak'x Remix).
47.Kristen Faulconer - Dollhouse (The Beatfuckers Project Remix).
48.L.B. One - Psyko (Original Mix).
49.Linbit - Ice Age (Original Mix).
50.Linn, Marcus Ullmarker - Calling Out Your Name (Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez Mix).
51.Marc Vedo, Boy George - Kalino Mome (Original Mix).
52.Mark Wilkinson, Ted Nilsson - La Terraza (Original Mix).
53.Matt Darey, Stan Kolev Feat. Aelyn - Follow You (Milan, Phoenix Remix).
54.Ndkj - Step Back (Luigi Rocca Edit).
55.Ogi Gee Cash, Synchronized, Masque - Seascape (Original Mix).
56.Orli  Martie - White Flower (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix).
57.Paul Thomas, Weekend Heroes - Morena (Original Mix).
58.Playmen, Alex Leon Feat. T-Pain - Out Of My Head (Virus J Remix).
59.Haroun Hickman - Let's Be Free (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix).
60.Rene Amesz, Ruell - Hope (Original Club Mix).
61.Rr - Twisted Vision (Original Mix).
62.Sebastian Krieg & Jerome Isma-Ae - 959 (Original Mix).
63.Serge Devant feat Hadley - Dice (Original Mix) [Ultra].
64.Sirens - Stilettos (Jerome Isma-Ae's Louboutin Mix).
65.Stan Kolev - Sebai Kekade (Original Mix) Thomas Lardy - Shootgun (Original Mix).
66.Tonio Liarte - Cerebral Storm (Original Mix).
67.UMEK, Beltek - Touch After (Original Club Mix)
68.zkan nder - Electro Priest (Original Mix).
69.Umek & Beltek - Army Of Two (Jay Lumen Main Stage Remix).
70.Noel Sinner - Aimless (Peter Brown _Sauvage_ Remix).
71.Mark James Feat. Hamish - I Want You (Carl Cox Remix).
72.Noel Sanger vs. Soul In The Machine - Mad World (Chase Costello Remix).
73.Abel The Kid, Karim Haas - Hale Bopp (Original Mix).
74.Acosta Wink Feat. Kate Nova - Peppermint Beach (Dub Mix).
76.Allan V. - Beautiful Lies (Original Mix).
77.Alper - Nothing Else (Original Mix).
78.Alvaro Dacoss, Jorge Monroy - Close To You Feat. Alexandra Star (Original Mix)
79.Amine Arrom, Touzani Reda - Warning (Original Mix).

Some of the songs above are available in online stores, such as: Beatport.com, track-down, junodownload, and others. But most of the Bootleg version which can be downloaded only music forum. If you want to try to download it for free you can go to this site: exclusive-music-dj.com (sample and just for promo only). But please support the artist by buying their song.

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