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Free samples to remix the song

Make a song or  remix in Fl studio software, which is very important should we have the samples and VST. Although the actual in fl studio has provided samples of a standard drum kit, and VST synthesizer (Harmles, paizon, 3xOsc, toxit biohazzard, Sim sym and others). You can use it from the menu-addone channel. But often times the standard samples of Fl studio I think less is good enough to remix the song, so we need additional samples from the makers of the other samples genre DJs. So this time I'm sharing free samples to remix the song, from a particular site selling  loop samples for genre music for DJs and other. You can download it for free. Below :

Vipzone free samples:
Click here to download free drum samples sound, sound Fx, sf2, midi, short vocals, loops, acapella, wav sound and more. Samples are given free of 250MB, enough to help us to remix the song.

download free loop samples

How to download samples please enter your email in the fields as shown above, then click the send button. Furthermore check your email inbox. Open the email that send then click the link. And you will be redirected to the download page samples. Next, please select the name of the samples, that you want to download.

How to use the samples into FL studio?
First copy and paste the samples into the folder C: \ Program Files \ Image-Line \ FL Studio 10 \ Data \ Patches. Create your own folder inside the patches folder, it's so much easier when we will use these samples. Do not forget if the file samples on the part rar file, extract with winrar or winzip program or right-click the file has been downloaded, select extract here.

Please download free samples to remix the song and a song from the manufacturer site loop samples that have been prominent, and much in use by the remixer song and musician in the world. Frankly I also use the samples from the vipzone also partly in working project remix my songs. You can listen to it on my SoundCloud  account .I hope this information helps.

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