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This is vst important tool in fl studio 10

This post continued from start remix song in Fl studio. A new beat or rhythm can be one of the biggest factors in a remix working or failing.
Often a producer will simply put a new beat on top of the original track along with some fancy sounds but all they’ve made is a confusing barrage of noise that sounds muddy at the low end and messy at the top. A good rule is that if you’re remix involves a new drum beat, it means you’re creating a new version of that song and your approach will have to reflect that and the dynamics of the song will have to fit your beat.
To remix any song, you need to chop it up. For this you can’t go wrong with Fruity Slicer and SliceX. Both allow you to load in a piece of music and chop it up into separate sections.

Slicex tool

Fruity Slicer will allow you to drop in the original song and cut it where you see fit; beat detection algorithms slice the track into separate playable parts which you can then load into the sampler to be played independently.
SliceX is a more in depth version and allows chopped sections to be rearranged into a new drum loop or glitchy hook. Both allow you to play each chopped ‘region’ through your MIDI controller or keyboard, Triggered as and when you need them.The slice tools can give you complete freedom when remixing because once the parts are chopped simply hit record and start triggering the chopped regions in whatever order you like from your MIDI controller.


EDISON allows the entire song to be loaded in and edited to a large extent allowing you to fade in, fade out or even mangle the original song you are remixing. You could in theory completely re-edit the original track and use that new version for the actual remix.

A common mistake in remixes (and especially mash ups) is ignoring the key of a song.
Putting a sample over a vocal line is one thing, but putting a piano part played in one key over a verse sang in another is not going to sound nice. There a lot of examples of this on Youtube where people just throw together two songs they think fit because the first 17 seconds of the songs go perfectly. The vocals and horrible clashing come in at 18 seconds but they really liked that first bit so don’t work on the whole track and it sounds awful. 1000 dislikes in no time all because they never put the work in or checked the key of the songs!

Of course when it works, a mash up is completely pointless and yet glorious to listen to. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a great Muse/Lady GaGa mash up. All played in key and in time of course.

There is a lot to work with in FL Studio if you’re remixing but you will no doubt be cutting and pasting parts of the original while re re-recording other sections. The important thing is to treat the original song with respect and approach it as if you’re creating a whole new song which essentially you are. This means EQing and mixing down your finished work as you would a brand new song.  You will still have to use compression and EQ to get the whole thing sounding finished and professional.

The important thing is to have fun. Chances are if you’re remixing a song it’s because there was just something about it you loved and it has a certain little part you just had to have and make your own. Maybe you saw a way of making the song even better with a heavier drum beat or an extended section. Whatever your reason for the remix, take these tips on board when using FL Studio, experiment with everything and have fun.

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